About us

Since the year 1990, the company has constantly strengthened its position on the market of raw materials as well as in the field of problematic and packaging waste. Its constant development has resulted in the establishment of field divisions on the territory of Western Poland. At present, we provide services to over 4,700 business partners from the B2B sector, using logistic facilities located on eight reloading yards in Poland.

As a waste recipient provided with all the permits required by law, we offer to take over your obligations arising from the Waste Act of December 14th, 2012. Smooth cooperation with our clients is ensured by our extensive and experienced Environmental Protection Department.

The company has an extensive vehicle fleet and a machine park at its disposal. The transport fleet consists of specialist vehicles with their own loading systems as well as a broad range of containers for the transport of waste.

The secondary raw materials are recovered, mainly through the use of our own containers with capacities ranging between 12 and 33m3, as well as press containers, of which our company is in possession of over 1,500.

The company yards are equipped with railway sidings, vehicle scales and railroad scales, press-shears, modern reloading machines and balers.

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